Love It or List It
Wishlist includes finished basement
David is "pretty darn sure..."
Creepy spy footage of owners
Budget discussed over wine
Desta agrees with Hilary
Hilary: "you're going to love it"
Owners say something is "unacceptable"
Buyers immediately complain about distance
Hilary makes Desta carry the iPad
Wife cries during Hilary's reveal
Self-satisfied David interview after House 3
Hilary asks for more money
Electrical problems
Reno includes plumbing work
Hilary claims reno'd room feels "warm"
Hilary nixes kitchen renovation
Crowded bathroom reenactment
Lowe's ad
"This is what your budget gets you in YOUR neighborhood"
"Must have kids/teen space"
Voiceover calls her "designer Hilary"
David uses a computer in/on his car
"walk-in closet"

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