Love It or List It
Owner asks David "Is this a joke?"
Hilary paints a room gray
"one more listing, and it's yours"
Hilary pretends to be concerned about timeline
David shows house in wrong neighborhood
"dual vanity"
David frustrated with owners after House 1
Hilary nixes kitchen renovation
Voiceover: "while the crew continues work..."
It's snowing
House unnecessarily messy at beginning
Wife cries during Hilary's reveal
Stressed-out-David-walking-outdoors interview
Hilary's list includes kitchen renovation
David uses a computer in/on his car
David is "pretty darn sure..."
Budget discussed over wine
Electrical problems
Hilary: "you're going to love it"
"money pit"
David: "Hilary can't give you..."
David says owners won't need to "lift a finger"
David: "only thing you'll be saying is list it"
They decide to love it!

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