Love It or List It
Hilary claims reno'd room feels "warm"
Hilary's list includes kitchen renovation
"one more listing, and it's yours"
"money pit"
Hilary makes Desta carry the iPad
David uses a computer in/on his car
Voiceover calls him "realtor David"
Eddie/Fergus mansplains to Hilary
Wife on David's side
Owners say something is "unacceptable"
Desta has an idea!
Voiceover: "while the crew continues work..."
David: "only thing you'll be saying is list it"
"eat-in kitchen"
Hilary proposes "spa" bathroom
David says "Here you have..."
David shown wearing sweet shades
Stressed-out-David-walking-outdoors interview
Eddie fixes something w/o asking Hilary
David says owners won't need to "lift a finger"
Owners want a first floor powder room
"walk-in closet"
Lowe's ad

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