Love It or List It
"one more listing, and it's yours"
Budget discussed over wine
Hilary adds purple insulation
Crowded bathroom reenactment
David: "This is your en suite"
Hilary finds water damage
"This is what your budget gets you in YOUR neighborhood"
Desta has an idea!
Eddie fixes something w/o asking Hilary
"walk-in closet"
Hilary proposes "spa" bathroom
Owners say something is "unacceptable"
"Must have kids/teen space"
David is "pretty darn sure..."
"money pit"
Wife cries during Hilary's reveal
David says "Here you have..."
Hilary's budget over $60k
Hilary finds mold/ asbestos
David shown wearing sweet shades
Self-satisfied David interview after House 3
David says owners won't need to "lift a finger"
Hilary makes Desta carry the iPad

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