Love It or List It
Hilary pretends to be concerned about timeline
Voiceover: "while the crew continues work..."
Hilary claims reno'd room feels "warm"
Crowded bathroom reenactment
"dual vanity"
They decide to love it!
Hilary nixes kitchen renovation
Reno includes plumbing work
Budget discussed over wine
"design solution"
Wife cries during Hilary's reveal
Hilary paints a room gray
David: "only thing you'll be saying is list it"
Hilary adds purple insulation
Lowe's ad
Hilary proposes "spa" bathroom
David shows house in wrong neighborhood
Crowded kitchen reenactment
Eddie/Fergus mansplains to Hilary
Hilary's decor includes candles
Self-satisfied David interview after House 3
Desta agrees with Hilary
"money pit"

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