House Hunters
Buyers envision drinking coffee/ alcohol outdoors
Voiceover claims city is "famous" for something
Husband too hot for wife
Complaint about "flow"
Buyers prefer hardwood floors
Episode set in Florida
Buyers request "charm"
Buyer(s) love to cook
House 3 cheaper than House 1
Buyers deliberate which house to choose outdoors
Buyers feel bathroom needs updating
Pregnancy revealed in coda
Buyer(s) shown doing hobby
Buyers currently living with parents
Shower too small for husband
Buyers have guests over in coda
Buyers say they'll replace carpet
Tour skips a room, but voiceover mentions it
Buyers shown using laptop in restaurant
"man cave"
Foreclosure/ estate sale/ etc
Crown molding referred to as "character"
Voiceover summarizes all 3 houses negatively

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